Wednesday, October 6, 2010


am i the only one unsure of the bright future that my new work brings?

well, my parents are included.

last saturday, i went to FEU to have my recommendation letter accomplished by my research adviser in college. it was for my application for master's degree. at first, i was hesitant since i told her before that i was leaving for u.k.

however, she was the only one who can get my recommendation letter done. i was never close with other faculty members.

in the end, i was thankful that i went to see her. she told me about her experiences and her struggles while starting as a newly-licensed nurse. and this: she was so happy and proud of my job!

to add, she even told me that my work has a lot of opportunities in the u.s. and that it is the current trend for hospitals.

so should i stay longer with my job? maybe.

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