Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Diary Notes 002

dear diary,


food. an opportunity. attending the party for one of my aunts was turned into a heated argument between me and my dad. i want to escape the small talks. the awkward moments when i am left with no one to talk with while all of my cousins laugh at some silly stories. i want to escape explaining to people why i am still here in the philippines when i should be working in the u.k. in the end, i was powerless and i was forced to attend.

what about the opportunity? well, i am thinking of applying as an au pair. like a caregiver or something because you can work in europe. that is like my ultimate dream! i should be in europe because i feel like i am a european in my past life. but, money is the problem and i really have to think about it. i guess this was the good part of attending the party. well, the lechon of course was a hit.


data collection. as always. it is just that i do not like the idea of being rushed to do things. blame the boss haha.

my brothers were a bit annoying over the fact of having the refrigerator also coming with us when we move in to our new place. yes, we are moving out of the sauna-like room where we are staying in right now.

got money problems. i felt so poor as i do not have even five thousand pesos to spare for our deposit for our new place.


i am just happy and blessed to have benj as my friend.


came home late because i had to finish a report. geez! my boss should have informed us early on so i did not have to cram.

so what is for tomorrow? i only pray for good things...

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