Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Qaitbay Citadel

happy thoughts naman. i have no regrets of working in egypt. in fact, i am really thankful for that chance of gaining experience and the chance to tour the beautiful country.

nung magdecide na akong aalis from the hospital, i made sure that i will be able to visit majority of the tourist spots egypt has to offer. though naging magastos, i really had great time.

aside from the pyramids, madami pang lugar ang egypt na talaga namang sobra sa ganda. i will start first with my trip to alexandria particularly sa qaitbay citadel.

The Citadel of Qaitbay (or the Fort of Qaitbay) is a 15th century defensive fortress located on the Mediterranean sea coast, built upon/from the ruins of the Lighthouse of Alexandria, in Alexandria, Egypt. It was established in 1477 AD by Sultan Al-Ashraf Sayf al-Din Qa'it Bay (

The front view of the Citadel.

Inside the Citadel. This is the ceiling.

this view is just so majestic. i was standing in the back part of the Citadel facing the Mediterranean Sea.

i felt like i was in europe. more to come!

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