Wednesday, December 30, 2009

The Year That Was...

at this time, i thought it was best to look back to what they call as my year since it is the year of the ox. is it really my year? let me see...

a.) January- four months after coming to egypt, i was able to buy my laptop. yay! work was shit and was learning the routines at my own pace. housemates started to sleep at the other side of the city leaving me most of the time alone in the flat.

b.) February- i was the best nurse for this month! this came after giving me all the difficult cases i have handled. it was also the title that now, you can abuse me more by giving again the most tiring cases.

my former work place...

c.) March- had difficulty fixing my papers for australia. work was getting shittier and shittier. indeed a tiring month. a lot of bad cases all throughout the month.

d.) April- it was final, i was not able to acquire the document that would help me gain more qualifications regarding my application in australia. the stress of work had me taking two absences this month with the last spent on a trip to a park in Al Azhar with shiel and jen. rest is such a luxury coming at the price of $60. i moved out and moved in with kuya alex. my batchmates were not keen on keeping the flat so i made my move first and shocking them in the end. i like surprises.

at al azhar park with shiela and jen

e.) May- depressed. homesick (a bit). all of these came from my failure to get my application going. this was also the last month for shiela, a good friend and colleague of mine. work? did i say shitty?

shiela, gerby and me in one of our nakaw moments hehe

f.) June- had in my mind to just finish my one year here in egypt. sheila finally left. i was slowly recovering from my depression.

g.) July- moved in to a new flat again. internet was down for a while. i bought my digital camera yay! work was getting on my nerves. i was now used to receiving patients who won't finish the shift with me. more vocal now of my frustrations against my co-workers.

h.) August- i was robbed! i experienced the closest thing to death and it was not a good experience. this happened after i finally decided that i will resign and come home by october. people were shocked about me being robbed and me resigning. but i felt relieved.

i.) September- one year in egypt and my last haha. one month to go before coming home. i had my trip to egypt's tourist spots planned and had them done by the end of the month. i have been to luxor, alexandria, sinai and sharm el shiekh, red sea! my birthday was also memorable as i celebrated with new friend in a very posh resto-bar!

celebrating my birthday at little buddha

preparing for banana boat ride at sharm el shiekh in red sea

on board a felucca at the nile river

in front of the queen hatshepshut temple in luxor...

at the karnak temple still in luxor...

j.) October- had my last few days in egypt visiting again the pyramids and meeting friends. on the third day of the month, i was in the philippines! met my old friends and prepared for ielts.

my last visit to the pyramids...

k.) November- took the IELTS and passed it for the second time! applied for so many agencies and thanks to God, i accepted a job offer in UK!

l.) December-
had some papers prepared for UK. christmas was still the same, totally unchanged for me. met my high school friends and had a blast! still waiting though for some documents to arrive.

at our reunion with my high schol friends and our gorgeous adviser, ma'am lim.

generally, i do not believe that a specific year is your year. i believe that i can make it my year through hard work, determination and faith in God. this, i plan to do again next year.

i just had to thank all the people who made my life happy. i felt human again. i smiled and laughed my heart out. i broke my inhibitions and just was myself. with you, i discovered the bright side of living. i am hopeful and full of positivity.

to those who made my life crappy and shitty, thank you as well. you have served your purpose well and now i am better. stronger. motivated.

to that one special love of my life, i hope i will meet you this year. i plan to be with you the whole year and if possible, as long as we are alive. i have always wanted to meet you, to share my life with you and to have me as your own. i know my whole existence has been waiting all my life and i pray that you won't break me for i am as fragile as a glass.

to You, my Father and my Friend, thank You for always loving me. i do not deserve You but Your love makes me special. i know You have plans for me and i fully entrust myself and my soul to You o Lord.

Cheers to a New Year!

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Kablogie said...

Happy New Year to you and your family!