Wednesday, June 2, 2010


i think i was in the sixth grade when i first met her. she was from a private school. well, she beat me for the little mayor and all other available positions. i was socially awkward while she presented herself as everybody's friend. so, i ended getting the position of being the little municipal planning and coordinating officer while she was the little first councilor. i thought her voice was atrocious. the one that appears to be impossible to modulate even if she speaks in lower decibels. simply call, the palengkera voice.

well, she is a palengkera in reality. her parents were able to send all four of them in college by being guagua's vegetable dealer. whenever she has no classes, she helps her mom sell vegetables even if she has to wake up at three in the morning. at times when we go home late from a night out with friends, she will always remind us that she still needs to help her mom. respectful, understanding and a kind heart. but i didn't know her that way before. the talkative side of her made me scoff at her presence and few years later, this would be one of my biggest regrets.

come high school, i was one of the new kids in her school. i hated their school for they were in private and i was in public elementary schools. it was normal i tell you but all things changed when i have to be in the school i hated. of course, she was confident along with her other classmates. i was new and not accustomed to the environment. but i survived. even managed to be at the top ten and eventually made me a little bit superior of her as i would like to believe.

by the second year in high school, we were classmates. she was in the second section during the freshman year while i was at the pilot section. of course! just then, i thought she might not be that bad as a classmate. yes she is talkative but not really in the annoying manner. so i did my own thing and moved on. we talked but not really gotten to know her very well.

i was elected president of the class when i reached junior year. but i declined because i knew, a lot of work will be expected from me. and i did not want that as i have to focus on my studies being consistent on the top ten. jon had to take the position then but as the always first honor and the next editor-in-chief of the school news organ, he too had to beg off. so she had no choice but to take the responsibility that was refused by the two of us.

as the "panakip-butas," she had to work hard. she had to prove that she can do it. being the last choice meant differently for her. it meant that she is as good as the first choice. so she did prove to everybody. of course i felt guilty whenever she will cry in front of the class for being fed up with our classmates not cooperating for every class endeavor. she will always say that it was because she was just the last option that nobody respects her. to this, i felt that i had to do even a little part in making her work lighter. since all of my classmates would listen to me, especially the boys, i make it a point that i get them to listen to her.

in a way, we had a friendship formed. but as you know in high school, groups were vital. she belonged to one while i was a bit scattered with a lot of groups. but it did not matter as when the need arises, i can a little bit sociable. this had paved the way for conversations that were not just sensible but cathartic. and by the end of high school, she was on the spot with her dreams. she took up accountancy and will always be working hard with her dreams. as the president, she would always organize the annual iv-genesis christmas parties even if we were already in college.

her dedication did not waver. even if she has to wait in a resort in pampanga, alone and had beg to the caretakers not to close yet for she was hoping we will come to the party she organized, she continued to do it year after year. and after nearly five years, she graduated and passed the board exams. her title as a certified public accountant did not come in a first try. but as usual, she was always focused on what she wants.

a picture of an endangered species. (peace karnts haha)

when i got back from egypt, i had lunch arranged for my friends. but i did not invite her specifically but thank God, benj made her come. soon, we were always together in every event possible. it is like seeing the rainbow from the other side for i began to see the most beautiful in her. karnts is such a wonderful person and amazing friend. as emjay would always tell her, the ideal sister. can i add that she is the ideal friend? karnts is always cheerful. always unafraid to make a fool of herself even if we always reminisce those times when she embarrassed herself in front of the class. or the times she sings with her despicable "palengkera" voice. or the fact that we always make her uncomfortable with questions about her virginity haha.

karnts just got an m.b.a. degree at the age of 25. she was able to work in a prestigious international bank but now she is off to singapore to find her luck. actually, she will leave today and i just feel sad for the fact that we will not be able to meet for some happy moments to come. well, i will do miss her when when coffee time will come. for many times, she treats me to these fancy coffee shops knowing that i do not have work. i will miss her for the conversations that keeps me focused. for the conversations that stirs my sleeping spirit towards success and happiness. i will miss her for she is one of those people who was and is still there in my journey towards my u.k. dream.

i am really emotional right now for i feel that one of my pillars is leaving but i know, she will still be there. karnts, you might not be able to read my blog but i just want you to know that i really appreciate our friendship. all these times, you, benj and all other friends have stood by me. i am encouraged by the fact that you are filled with fortitude in your endeavor to soar high in singapore. i know it may not be easy but knowing you, you are not going to give up. my respect for you never left.

in truth, we will miss you. our coffee night-outs will not be the same without you but be comforted in the fact that we are all praying for your success. as we all mentioned, we will give it a week or so haha.

cheers to you calara!


Anonymous said...

wow, u came from one of the tof 10.

Charltoninho said...

well, i think i was born into this world vying for a spot in the tough ten haha

Iwi finds said...

I am a palengkera too, don't you know? :)

My mother is still selling fish in the sidewalk of Ongpin Street for 40 years now, kind of illegal but they survived that 40 years, isn't she great? :)

I wish you friend luck, my cousin who was a manager of SGV's competition in the Philippines didn't survive in Singapore, work there is so stressing compare to company's in the Philippine. Shw works late and still working even on weekends, she's an early retiree at the age of 35, she's nearly 40 now.


Charltoninho said...

wow. yeah, she is definitely great.

i am really praying for her and i believe she can make it. by the way, are you minta gabler in ym?