Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Bear Grylls Mentality

i checked the calender and just like that, the first half of the year is done. so much time has passed and i thought of looking back. and i thought, a lot of the days was wasted for waiting and doing nothing that can make me better as a person.

bear grylls said while you are not preparing or practicing, somebody is preparing and when you meet in a battle, you will lose. that made me think in fear. let's see. i lacked focus, checked. fear of failure, checked. not meeting the expectations of others, checked. lack of discipline, checked. you see, i have many checks in my life but only on the bad side. not good charlton.

the standards set by people often limit me. i fear and i stop. i worry and i wait. i think too much and let those thoughts run my life. i am getting fed up with all these and i think, sorry again guys for thinking, but me being hopeful for days to come will always be a good thing.

my mind is clearer and my goal attainable. fears are being taken care of with much openness to the fact that i can gain everything if i conquer them. i hope that i can look back next time with so much pride that i had done something new and achieved something in my life.

so good luck to me.

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