Thursday, July 1, 2010

Killing Me Softly

benj will kill me if he reads this. since the chances are slim that he will be able to find his way here, i am writing this post now.

my refresher course for basic life support (bls) started today. it is a course that i have to attend in order for me to jump start my job applications here. last sunday, i prayed to God that if i will be able to find an offering for that course next week, He is saying yes to my job hunt locally. and i did! guess who never learned of his stupidity over signs and epiphany? monday morning, i called the local chapter in our province of red cross and it so happened that they were currently conducting a course this week. bls started today and so here i am, letting myself blurt all the observations, frustrations and what not in the first day of my training.

really people? start the class fifteen minutes late? but i have forgiven you since the first instructor was really good. even his jokes tainted with sexual innuendo i have loved. even before the class started, i have these two irritating seatmates who are a couple. can't the guy study quietly? gosh he speaks the filipino language with his thick kapampangan accent and everything he says was just plain nonsense. with that, i have understood his girl why she acted like that towards him. go girl with flirting with one of the instructors while you are beside your boyfriend! classic.

but don't think that because of that, you are too beautiful to invade my personal space. your ugly purple fan should not touch my notes. who knows where the stains of your fan came from. can you tell your boy also that the black fan that i am using, yes the one in front of me is mine? and that he cannot just get it and touch his face with it. yuck!

you see, i am so quiet and peaceful trying to refresh myself with the whole process of cpr. so guys, if you don't want to listen to the instructor's nonsense explanation, keep it to yourself as i do. hahaha. and guys, hitting on our instructor while the class is ongoing? please do it during break time. you are wasting my time.

good thing, kuya manny (he looks, talks and acts like manny pacquiao), the soldier who is also enrolled for the bls training provided some effortless humor with his demeanor. i think i can look up to the real manny pacquiao now because of kuya.

now i can stop for the heavens might conspire to punish the bitchy me... i will study now with hopes of getting a high marks for both written and practical exams.

benj, forgive me. i really tried to be friendly. and i smiled ha! though not all the time for i will look insane. you know how i value the image i project. i also made an effort to talk to the people around me. catch is, to those people i find sensible. but at least i talked to real people.


Anonymous said...

i miss studying at red cross
i did a couple of courses
at the manila chapter

it was a fun experience for me
so i hope the coming lectures
would be enjoyable for you too



Charltoninho said...

yeah it was fun but tiring!

new friends are always welcome.