Monday, July 12, 2010

My World Cup Dreams

it was nearing six in the morning when i finally hit the bed today. that was my sleep for yesterday but since the world cup finals was due, i had to witness one of the defining moments of my life.

i think it was one of my patients that had my interest stirred. people from my area were always talking about my patient. all they can say back then was that he was popular in egypt. they even told me to take care of him and i replied to them that every patient, i take care of them equally. all with utmost attention and every possible caring from a disciple of nightingale. it was only upon his discharge that i i came to know that he was a football coach. a popular football coach.

well of course he was popular. a big time too since he was able to afford the hospital. then there were these patients of mine who would watch football on their room's television. and as for icebreakers, i would always ask them their bet for the world cup. that time, i never knew the spanish national team but it caught my interest since they were always predicted to win the world cup.

the atmosphere in the unit was also different when a football game is being played. as if critical patients were made to wait for the game to finish, i was horrified how a game can cause such kind of change in the work dynamics.

now having to write something about a sport in which i came to love over the past six months, i wish that i took the chance of learning how to play the game back in egypt where people are crazy in love with the sport. i could have bought a ball back here so now, i will not contemplate on having to face the chances of spending some money over a magic ball.

i could not believe that i cried while watching casillas, villa and the rest of the spanish football team bask in victory. it was a sweet moment. it was a defining moment. for spain and for me. who would have thought that a team plagued with defeat the moment they started their campaign for this prestigious event would win it all? after all the lashing, the criticisms, the injuries and all the fuss about their defeat, here they are now, conquerors of the world cup.

my malleable heart can only cry in sheer joy for once again, hope is near. redemption is achievable and that a victory is not impossible should you taste the bitter offering of defeat.

all these, available if you have a humble heart, a hard working body, a risk-taking mentality and a spirit that never surrenders to the challenges of life.

now back to me dreaming for a cup of patients calling for my care and a boot made for the inner me wanting to be active. Felicitaciones a todos nosotros!

*photo from associated press


ןıuǝ oɟ ɟןıƃɥʇ said...

without the world cup names, it's like a page out of 1001 Arabian Nights -- you know when the main character in a subsidiary story is setting the scene....

Charltoninho said...

thank you...