Wednesday, July 14, 2010

The Dangers of Rain

i initially called it a day. after all, power interruption had made me lie on my bed listening to the crickets' persuasion to be still and to grab the chance of silence. it was cooler as the typhoon basyang welcomed herself in our midst.

there was no escape. as the last beep of my laptop warned me, it is time to enter the phase in which i dreaded to be in. the battery has died to be in union with the interruption. that silence, when coupled with darkness can only send you images in your mind. i had lots of it.

of course there was this strong wanting of me to be in spain. to live there and be one with that beautiful country. watch games of barca and real madrid and go home in a beautiful mediterranean home. a glass of sangria would be perfect to end a beautiful night. i hope my career can lead me there. but now, i can be content with learning spanish with my virtual teacher.

friends. i realized that in this stage of my life, the process of elimination was close to being over. i have friends who are worth keeping and i am happy with them. though distance creates a certain longing to be with them, i can only be grateful for their presence in my life. but as i have told benj, though i am far from being stupid in keeping friends who are user-friendly and with those whom i deem as stupid, the idea of banished wonderful relationships that could be made still lingers. guess i have not opened up to people that much.

has it been six days? yeah i think so. six days means six hours of running and running as kids in my neighborhood try to jeer me by pretending to jog as well outside our lovely lawn. i am doing this for myself and even if tomorrow will be covered with basyang's eternal run of water power, i will not be deterred by it. listen, i am determine to lose those man-boobs and the belly.

now i am alone. again and again as it has been for most part of my life. i am beginning to think that 2010 will end up as those previous years. nothing significant. nothing new. but i guess it will be too early to tell. this is the shitty me talking.

seriously, i need a job. having these thoughts are dangerous. thankfully, electricity has reached our home!

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