Saturday, July 24, 2010

Bitch Talk

the bitch is back.

after two days of staying in my uncle's home, my parents and uncle surrendered to the dramatic antics of this quite amusing dog named roxy. she would not move in her spot even if it was raining and would not eat her food. she would be relentless in her persuasion to bring her back home by barking all night long. my parents could not help themselves thinking about roxy so for those two days, they visited her.

her absence was felt in our home. she would usually tease the other dogs for since she is the only available bitch. the other bitch, kisses, is busy nursing her pups. she is also sweet in a different way. but she can be annoying and destructive as well. i have seen her breaking through the fences that separate them from the chickens. she would go for her kill and would hide the evidence of the crime. but nothing is hidden for our great house help and so roxy would suffer the consequences of her hunt.

it was weird. the two days were unusually silent. i felt the loneliness that can attack a person longing for someone. if a dog can elicit this kind of emotion, i wonder about the depth a person i love will bring. it must be paralyzing.

now i am afraid of bitches.

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