Thursday, July 15, 2010

Not Enough Thank Yous

for a health professional like me, i was taken aback by how much unappreciative i was regarding the good health my family has right now. it took a sad event tonight for me to realize this.

you know the saying that health is wealth. it may be true that having a good health is like a treasure but have you also noticed that for us to have a good one, we should also spend much? i mean with regards to eating the right kind of foods. fruits here are not cheap. good quality of meat comes at a price. the list goes on.

at a time when i am feeling down again for not having much progress on a personal level, i had to be slapped with the blessings that we have. remember sheng? she is my dear friend who was ardently waiting for her chance to work in new zealand but now, she is just hoping for a spot in a provincial hospital. she still has two siblings in college. the other one is taking up dentistry which really is an expensive course. least to say, finances to their family is not that easy.

few hours ago, she texted me asking for prayers. her dad had a t3 fracture and is now under observation. i could only imagine how difficult it is for them. fears and worries should not be taken for granted as the father's condition is unstable and finances may be difficult.

so tonight, i am praying for her father and her family. i am going to thank the Lord for i am blessed with good health. me and my whole family. finances may be hard for us also but He will provide. i may not have a job at the moment but i get to relax all the time and do things that i may not be able to do if i will have a job. for friends who understand me. for their words, wisdom and love that cradles my fragile humanity. i am humbled and will strive to be as i take it all in all these blessings.

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may hihigit pa ba?