Friday, July 9, 2010

Just Now, Not Yesterday and Tomorrow

there comes a time when you can't do nothing much about your situation. you complain, nothing happens. you gloat over the future, still nothing happens. as this time of my life would like to teach me, it is the fact that i have to live in the moment. the now phase and not the before or after.

it might be tough not to succumb to many regrets in life but thing is, i tend to look only for the bad things that have happened. i forgot that in those moments of folly, i smiled. i laughed. now the playful mind has the opportunity to be big in that it creates pictures of what could be. i have learned also that expectations are great, only when they are realized. and that wanting things you could have should happen when you are in that very position to dream.

so for now, i am living in the moment of now.

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