Thursday, December 23, 2010

The Great Pretender

I will spend my remaining hours in the office pretending.

Well, pretending to work. Again. Excuse me, but people here in the office are already in their vacation mode. So there, I am not exempted.

Last night, I felt like giving my head a smack for deliberately choosing to be dictated by GLEE. I admit. I watched Darren Criss’ performance at the Trinoma Mall.

Being trapped in a moving Divisoria via the MRT, I still pursued. I was harassed by the commuter’s sweaty bodies. I had to inhale the hunger breath of ordinary Filipinos. I had to squeeze my body just to fit inside.

Waiting for almost one hour to see him sing also did not discourage me. But this question, of me still being rational in doing all these things, had failed to win me over and make me go home and rest.

I had an excuse people. My sister and I met so we could buy gifts to our grandma.

Watching Darren was just a bonus. Seriously.

He sang. He talked. But I was bored for I did not know 3/4 of the songs he sang. Worse, the scream of his rabid fans were plain irritating.

But what made it all worthy? My time with my sister.

Her text today telling me that her visa was already released made me thankful for all the trouble I endured yesterday. She will be leaving early January.

But I will still pretend that I enjoyed Darren's performance.

*Photo taken here.

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