Friday, December 10, 2010

Sabel, This Must Be Love!

I would often call her Judy Abbott. Her curly hair would sometimes stand sideward. Hence, the name of the cartoon character.

She has these amazing expressive eyes that we always tell her that her exotic looks would make any Caucasian guy crazy for her.

Most of the time, she is stuck with the demands of life. I call her always as the absent-minded friend that I always had. But, she is funny. Even without trying to be.

As her friend, I had the privilege of making her life real- by making it miserable. I would always hit her with my in-your-face comments and smack her for falling head over heels for a random guy (‘cause I am that great as a friend).

I do it because I care for her. But, no more worries now, folks!

Because today, she is going to Saudi for work. And I just learned about it last night! With that, there was no way for me to give bullsh*t on why I should attend her despedida. I just had to or else, I will wait for two years before I can savor the moment when her face turns red after making her so wretched in embarrassment.

That is how I love this friend of mine.

In all these years that I have known her, she has made me sit and watch her teach me a lesson about humility, patience, perseverance and of course, falling in love.

As I assume my importance in this world, she silently established herself. No overestimation. No false modesty. She just keeps it real.

As I get frustrated with life, she is there showing me that the road ahead is not that all scary. She keeps her head up and prays for good things to come.

As I get cynical about love, she is there showing me the highs and lows of being eaten whole by that four-letter word.

And as I grieve for the departure to greener pastures of another friend, she is there telling me that sooner or later, my time will come.

We will miss you Sabel…

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