Monday, December 20, 2010

The Kingdom of Linen

i just had the sign i was waiting for.

right now, i am shaking. i am shaking in complete frustration over an employee here in the hospital. you remember how i endure the pains of doing the linen inventory? well, this employee was from the linen department.

my boss is the head of other departments aside from our division. this employee, was also under my boss but immediately reporting to another manager. to make the story short, this employee said a lot of things that made her manager go berserk. these are the concerns he relayed to my boss:

1.) i want to rule the linen department.

can i just say that every time i receive the email about the date of the linen inventory, i take a deep breath in anticipation of the task before me? never in my wildest dreams. my feet always hurt from the whole day of walking and counting.

i have come to love the people from the linen. but not this bitch. it was her that made my boss to decide to include me in the inventory.

i actually hate doing it. i hate waking up early to be at the hospital at 7:00 am. my work starts at 8:00 am but i still leave at 5:00 pm. i do it for my boss.

so please, do the honor. take linen inventory away from me. it is not included in my key results area. i am never paid for it. besides, i have fallen in love with my profession so this idea of me wanting to take over the line department is fuckingly stupid.

2.) i have an "attitude problem."

okay. and another okay. plus a shrug.

what attitude? this manager never saw me working with his staff. or this bitch. i never worked with her. i worked with the people who had to shoulder the heavy work of providing linens to all patients in the hospital.

i address them as "sir and ma'am" though technically, i am higher in position. i do it out of respect. i go with them. i stand when they stand. i don't sit until the inventory is done. i never complain.

even if i do not have mask when the soiled linen are being counted, you won't hear anything from me.

i am a nurse. and i am trained to interact with people from all walks of life. i respect the people from linen. in fact, i admire them for their noble acts. they often get unappreciated and they are stationed in a very small office.

but i appreciate them. i value their work.

i guess the manager should have talked to me before giving a call to my boss. in fairness to my boss, he defended me. he dismissed all accusations against me. especially point number 1.

receiving my salary and bonus is already a great gift for today. but the sign?

there goes the sign. i just wish that this is what God would want me to believe.

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