Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Prayers and Smiles

each morning, i pray for a good day at the office.

even with the incident from my last post, i prayed that day. but, i must admit that i was really affected with it.

so today, i let it all be left with the passing of each day. no more looking back to whatever bad things told about me.

i was in this positive mood while walking on my way to the hospital when i saw a certain figure. it's the employee who told bad things about me!

at first, i did not know how to react. my lips offered a simple prayer for the Lord to take control of me. then peace came to my senses.

even at the time-in machine, i never saw her image. i was saved.

that's what i thought.

for when i was helping out my boss in distributing his gifts, i saw her again! you know it when people are guilty of their acts. they will try to avoid you. normally, she would be chatty and touchy (eeww) towards me. she'd blab about everything that i have no interest.

i believe when people say bad things about you that are not true and undeserved, they create a certain manhole. this manhole, unfortunately, catches them and traps them there.

i can smile now. not because her manager will not have any staff by next year nor this employee's avoidance towards me. i can smile now for i am able to control myself...

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