Tuesday, December 14, 2010


A decision was finally made: the loan is disapproved.

After my parent’s put their hopes on that loan, everything now seems to be unsure. Uncertain. Thing is, my parents never saw it coming and I just don’t know how my parents will face this new challenge.

Reason? It is because the bank found out that we are related to this uncle. He is dad’s brother who is hiding from all those people trying to get their money back.

And I am just speechless right now as to what am I going to say. Or how to react. Jonah did not receive her salary for this month. Much more, her 13th month pay and bonus.

Will Christmas happen this year to our family? Definitely.

But I won’t go to the part where I feel so ideal and being materialistic is such a superficial reaction to the holidays.

I guess that my life right now is starting to be at peace with the event s of my life. I do not worry over these things as I have let go of constantly controlling the conduct of my life. Things come and go. Shit happens and shit fades.

Right now, I am really praying that I can muster enough financial blessings from the gods of the hospital so I can contribute for a decent Noche Buena and likable gifts to my inaanak.

Goodbye intensified bass headset. Goodbye awesome planner. Goodbye flattering pair of jeans.

See you next year!

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