Friday, June 24, 2011

My Future

for weeks, i have procrastinated the task of checking my file to check my chances for applying to the bridging program in australia.

the ever unsatisfied soul searches for something new. his desires are always checked by his goal. now, he has to make a decision.

after presenting the results of the first ever audit on the medical services, i felt exhausted. but my mind kept on thinking. what if?

the chief nurse commented on my healthy adjustment to my department. she further asked me if i have no more desire to work as a bedside. next thing i know, my heart talked.

why then am i not applying she asked. they were currently in need of nurses. but then we both knew from that moment what the answer is. my boss.

he will not let me go.

shall i apply now and banish my connection with my boss who is also a friend of the chief nurse but a close friend of the vice president for human resources?

one thing has been popping in my mind: it is your future. i hope i am getting it right.

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