Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Virtual Bitching

i am gonna show the real me now by bitching over my virtual classmates.

school started and somehow, i am feeling the pressure of trying to learn as much as i can within my time management. since classes are held online, my classmates are also by virtue of cyberspace.

but, i am not spared of the usual annoyance and irritation that you can experience with classmates who are know-it-all and act like we are in high school. so whoever told that i am done with these things, you are definitely wrong...

consider the conversation below:

i kinda disliked it because i am not gonna write something on our own wiki if i am not done reading. and if you find me not contributing and too slow, well my dear friends, i am following the timeline i have set for myself. i am not gonna be f*cking following your demands.

kaasar lang. nagmamagaling ang karamihan sa mga kaklase ko. i know the need to strike an impression but hey, we are doing our masters and a little formality and class won't hurt.

sige lang. i could understand you kung magdemand kayo but even in online study sessions, you could not even follow the outline for the flow of the conversation.


good choice charlton for choosing u.p. at least, i won't have to deal with these kinds of people every saturday.


Anonymous said...

i plan to enter OU next year.. *crossing my fingers*

Charltoninho said...

go for it! it is a nice experience...