Wednesday, June 15, 2011


i went home yesterday bruised and my pants torn on the front at the knee part. shoot, i cannot wear these pants anymore.

walking home mildly hurt, i could not shout in anger as my throat itches in preparation for an incoming common colds. if i was only more alert, i could have avoided the "kuligligs" bumping into me.

i just walked away and tried to walk as fast as i can so people won't notice the torn pants that i was wearing.

i was calm. i was relaxed. this is the patient me conducting the affairs of my life.

i thought, my life could not get worse than this. i'm still complete. others may have their clothes intact but do not go home safe. some do not even get to arrive at their homes at all.

my pants may have been useless now but at least, i have a spare and i am not walking naked.

i am gonna stop now before i cry in thankfulness and self-destruct for trying to be a positive me.

*photo taken here.

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