Monday, May 16, 2011

Calderata at Kape

after blogspot went crazy, laziness came at the same moment causing me to miss on writing the details of my fun life. ok, my dramatic and shallow life.

so what happened? well, i excommunicated myself from the bishops of our house. i only communicated to jonah, our house help. i also imposed a 3-km restriction to our house by not going near our subdivision.

this meant not going home to have my clothes for washing and no cooked food for the remaining days that i have decided to keep away from home. i believe that by doing this, people back home may realize that i did not do anything wrong. my aim is to have them contemplate of their actions and to reach the point of being apologetic.

it was easy for me. knowing my history and my attitude. with this, i spent my weekend completing the enrollment process for my masters degree. i ironed my clothes. did some little laundry. slept decently. by lunchtime, i was traveling to pampanga. but, i did not go home. i was there because it was benjie's fiesta and he was on leave from singapore after almost a year of work!

nothing has changed between the two of us. i mean there was no strange feeling of not seeing each other. thanks to yahoo messenger and facebook. then, the voracious appetite just came alive and i was just too weak to resist its powers. besides, i was with my good old friends.

all i could remember last week was saturday. me being with benjie, ruffa, joan, cams, don, von and dennis. i was happy. i was not alone. i did not eat alone. i was with my friends.

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