Wednesday, May 18, 2011


today, i spent half of my day at the e. r. observing. timing every movement of the staff. writing notes and any activities that would affect turnaround time.

unconsciously, i was reminiscing the days i worked as a bedside nurse in the critical care unit. conversations and joking around with the doctors and the nurses made me feel that i was working with them. for the first time, i have fallen in love with the emergency room.

i used to hate it. actually, only the atmosphere of doing everything fast. it is the essence of having an emergency. never realized it could be this fun. and then, the promise to myself of not bringing the issue of transferring to the nursing division was just broken.

ms. donna told me i missed nursing. and she was perfectly right.

now the nursing division is on my watch now as the audit started. i feel a lump in my throat just thinking of presenting the results. i know i have to be impartial. but i have to make friends.

so, how shall i do it?

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