Thursday, May 5, 2011

Pay Back

i guess by this time, i have to accept the fact that i will never be a part of their group again.

i am talking of the people i worked with in egypt. it is just fair that these things happened to me. me being left behind with their trip to enchanted kingdom. or their adventure at kirsten recruitment.

as annoying as mark's on and off responses in yahoo messenger, i remembered shutting myself out of the system. their system. their circle of friends. i had to do it while trying to prove them that i made the right decision in going home instead of finishing the two-year contract.

now that they are processing their papers for egypt (the second time), mark was asking me if i wanted to join them. in a polite manner, i answered him no. yes to the part of working again at the bedside but no for the fact that i will never have the registration details i need in order to apply for other countries.

indeed, karma is a bitch. biting my sensitive emotions for being left out. then it hit me. it was exactly what i did to him when i left him be devoured by the nurses in critical care unit.

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