Friday, May 27, 2011

Some Issues

for your daily dose of some lovin' brothers. like the jedward twins.

the twins are already done with college. after a month, there is not a trace of them wanting to grow up and own the challenge of their situation. everyday, they will wake up at around 9-10:00 am and would wait to be asked by our maid to eat their breakfast. if they wake up early, it is because of them surfing the net or a basketball game is on.

this, has persisted for a month now.

my mom is going crazy and would transform into her normal monster-like self in a few days. no once could talk to them. not even the sharp tongue that i have could encourage them to start growing up and look for a job.

here are the issues.

1.) confidence
the youngest in our family has grown up sheltered from the harsh realities of the world in that he is uncomfortable in meeting new situations. his preconceived thoughts always triumph in preventing him to face the world. oh wait, the two of them actually. both twins are like this.

2.) nba

now i must admit that i watch nba sometimes for the sake of seeing dirk nowitzky win a championship. but my brother? his world revolves around miami heat or the lakers. f*ck it but i just don't get it! i am not like this with rafa, with the feu volleybal team and real madrid! i swear, i do not get affected with their loss to the point of losing concentration when writing reports for the service time of the emergency room or my hands shaking. or the idea of my senses lost for a moment for every defeat. i. am. not. like. that. and lastly,

3.) lazyness
i beging to question and reflect to the manner i presented myself to the twins way back after finishing my degree. all i could remember is me walking all over manila for hospitals that would accept me. even the hospitals in pampanga were not spared from my glitzy resume. but why are not they applying? i believe that i have been a good model for them. it is just that i found job after almost a year from passing the licensure exam. but you know how it is to be a nurse in this country.

the reason why i am able to blog like a mad man right now is that i am at home and the internet connection is pretty decent. then this twin comes at my door asking me to do a make over of his resume.

an opportunity to lash him out for his attitude was seen but i somehow "restrained" myself. however, i was still successful in telling him that it is because of nba that is why it is just now that he starts fixing his things.

well, some credit goes to my dad. he is at home by the way after two months from spreading some love in haiti.

i told my brother that he had all the time in the world to do it. so there, he left the room in utter shame (hope so) because i made him feel that way.

but i will do the make over tomorrow.

*photos taken here and here.

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