Saturday, September 4, 2010


“To live alone is the fate of all great souls.”

i read it from someone's blog but it was actually from Schopenhauer.

three weeks from now, i will be turning 25. it made me think a lot. as to where i am now and where i will be years from now. and for 24 years, i have been alone. i mean the alone concept of not being in a relationship. i have noticed that this certain concept has become more existent the past few years. maybe since the last two years of my life that had passed.

then that quote from Schopenhauer.

it was more of a question for me. am i great? no. so why then am i fated to live alone? i am not great. i am average in most cases. i do not stand out in the crowd. so does that exempt me from having that same fate of all great souls?

clarity please. i need it.

or maybe somebody who will be with me.

22 days more and a quarter of my life will be written as chapters done in my book of life. i just hope that the next chapters will be shared with somebody because i am not great so please, spare me from that very sad fortune for all great souls.

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