Saturday, September 11, 2010

One Week

one week has passed. another chapter. another season in my life. another chance to reflect and see things in a deeper sense.

restless. the constant thought is not doing me any good. each day, i try to write in my mind what my next step will be. then, my eyes do not stop in searching for opportunities. and honestly, i am getting tired in search for the next big thing for me.

this is my problem. i always plan. i won't stop writing my own life but thing is, my life is not something that comes out as the scripted teleserye in abs cbn. it is something that always changes and that there are always those circumstances i cannot control. maybe, it might be good for me now to just stop and try to feel what is happening around me. then, take it from there. no cues as to what the next scene will be. spontaneous. natural. not asking anything from me. i just have to take it.

distracted. that frequent wandering of my mind has lead me to be distracted. lost focus on what i should be doing. all those things that i have wanted to do are covered in deep dust of distraction as reality sets in. problems arise and i have nowhere to go but travel with my mind.

i know that my mind can be powerful at will. i thought of doing several entries for my blog but yeah, i got distracted again and now i am struggling to finish this one. this is getting worse.

envy. should i? when you get to see the life that you envisioned on a daily basis, don't you feel envious of the fact that your dreams did not come true? or do you look on the other side of the coin and think of what you can do with a different path of that dream that you were wishing to come true?

can we just have an instant re-orientation of how we see things? i think i might benefit from it so just for once, i can have a positive outlook.

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