Saturday, September 18, 2010


it started with the end of my cousin's marriage.

lost, she started to look for answers. as culture would have it, "gayuma" might be a possibility. but to confirm is like a mountain that is unreachable. out of nowhere, jonah came to the rescue. how could we forget that her older sister who used to worked with us, was treated by her uncle?

that uncle of jonah had some answers.

so from there, it was like light was coming out in a room that is full of darkness. my sister sought for answers as well but she was stubborn and would not let go of her ex-boyfriend. it was at that moment when jonah's uncle saw me. my suffering. the pressure from my parents. my short temper. my worries. all that i try to keep by myself were all exposed.

and i listened. i took some advice. i obeyed with his instructions which were mostly about praying and having faith. of changing attitudes and being positive. even to this day, i have asked for his guidance.

then came the bigger search for answer: why our family, the whole side of my dad's family, unable to reach success. apparently, there is this relative who instead of praying for us, is heaping curses. how did he know? i really don't know also. maybe in his dreams or in a different state, he was able to see the cousin of my dad who is based in singapore!

at this time, i am not trying to convince you to believe but thing is, there are some things that made me shiver for he was able to know intimated details of our family!

he was able to know that my dad brought something for my grandfather but nothing for my grandmother. that a cousin of mine was adopted and many other things. and so my relatives listened and gave it a thought. prayed together as a family as he instructed as to do.

but it was getting complicated from here. one of my aunts told my cousin who is based in paris. she was furious and apparently, had her third eye opened. a form of mental or psychic confrontation happened. as a result, my cousin started to talk to each and every one of us to give warning and most of all, advice.

to be continued....


VICTOR said...

Uh-oh. Your cousin has gone bonkers? Hopefully not. :|

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