Monday, March 21, 2011


few minutes ago, my dad left for haiti.

after almost two years of waiting for work, he finally got one. for that, it is a special one but for us left here, another missed chance. by next month, my brothers will graduate from college.

when i graduated, he was not there. even when i passed the board exam, he was still absent. but now, not only my dad is absent but my sister will be missing the celebration. my brothers' graduation will mark a landmark of our lives- the end of paying for tuition fees.

in 2008, i felt how it was to leave home and to miss many events in the family. as an overseas worker, you are left to celebrate the moment only in pictures and stories. i guess my work here in the country provided me an opportunity to be in all those events.

the mindset in the family is that we went to college so we can work overseas. that is the big difference you will see among families with businesses. i do not blame my dad. it is how the system works for our family. through it, i was able to finish college and soon, all of my siblings will finish it as well.

now in the wake of numerous international events, the filipino worker is always affected. i just hope that one day, no dad will miss the graduation of his son.

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