Wednesday, March 9, 2011


hello wednesday!

after punishing my legs yesterday, i am now sitting in my work desk trying to make myself busy. i am almost done with my part for the quality circle and there are no more pending reports.

i am in. in with the regular people working here at the hospital. it does not spark any excitement on my part as i have felt so old with this current job. but, i am setting a goal that is to last more than two years at this hospital!

that would be a great achievement for me since i feel like moving out from a job after working for a year or so. what made me set this goal? i will be applying for loan so i can finish my master's degree. hope i won't regret this decision...

my temper has been on a rampage since yesterday. but in a quiet way. thanks to my office mate who keeps me calm despite the demands of the "boss".

that's it wednesday. i hope i can end this day on a positive note!

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