Monday, April 26, 2010

The Praying Hypocrite

my sunday church service was nothing but weird.

mom decided not to go to the church where we usually go since it was difficult for her to face relatives who are just fucking annoying. finally!

i was always not in good terms with hypocrites. and yes, people from the church included. in fact, the church i believe houses the most number of hypocrites since the time of Jesus. for that, attending another church was just a good idea.

in my mom's side, there are two pastors. the compound where my lola and her siblings live is just a fence away from the church so there is no escape for you to attend. the brother of my lola is newly-ordained pastor and so we decided to go to his church where he ministers.

his was different. from the size, the structure and the socio-demographic of the people who goes to the church, nothing was similar to the one that i am used to. there were like 20 people excluding us. mostly, they were children who were very noisy.

i sensed his frustration over members of his congregation. worshiping and serving God in words and in deeds cannot be seen with those who goes to beach resorts on a sunday. definitely, i could not stand that. dealing with difficult people and much more, inspire change in their lives through God.

but i liked it anyway. more sincere and ended quickly.

my career is also a calling. but my lolo's? i don't know; maybe it is a crazy calling.

*photo from here.

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