Friday, April 23, 2010

Stye and Jason Mraz

i have stye and i hate it. it hurts a bit and i feel the heaviness that comes with it. forget about the beliefs of people cause i am not. not being defensive, i just want you to know that is caused by an infection and stress may put people susceptible to it.

so there, i am stressed about anything and everything that goes around in my life. that job, my mom's mouth, sister's search for a new job that made me accompany her to the companies she applied for and the ultimate desire to love myself more. all of these are enough to cause a stye.

the heaviness that accompanies it, i close my eyes more. i rest a lot more than the usual. each time that i remember, i apply some warm compress to alleviate the discomfort and for that each moment i get to do it, i think a lot.

my siestas have never been good. after i wake up a little sweaty from the heat, i feel that it has been a good sleep. basically, i do nothing but i feel that i have been tired for so long so i am taking a break from being a try-hard as one of my favorite artists coined it. i guess, i need to let things take its own course.

that will include the stye from healing by its own.


Mac Callister said...

when im waiting for my application abroad,my fave time of the day was siesta!haha i kinda miss that!

Charltoninho said...

how ironic isn't it? when i was working, i also missed those...