Saturday, April 3, 2010

Un Nuevo Día de Esperanzas y Promesas

much as i would like to, i opted to take the celebration in my heart. the message, wrapped in personalized package has to be perceived as something not bound by dictates of tradition or of rules made by men.

coming home, i never really longed doing our traditions since they are always mixed with the mother's crazy and irritating antics. case in point, she, taking so much time dressing up while all of us are waiting in the car. the following day, she, honking the horn since i and the twins are not yet done dressing up. what a crazy world this is.

so this year, i am not joining them in the easter service at clarkfield, pampanga. stone me for not sacrificing the comforts of a long sleep but it made sense to me that waking up that early to listen to a message would not benefit me. i had to be really in the zone of accepting the lowly me and Him offering a new life would have to come automatically with the coming easter sunday. i guess some time alone in my room would do the trick as i try with all sincerity to reflect and pick up the pieces.

hopefully. i will succeed. tomorrow is a new day beaming with hopes and promises.

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