Wednesday, April 28, 2010


i think i am coping well.

this week has the 29th of the month. it would seem normal for everyone else but not for me. it should be the date i am supposed to leave the country and set my foot to a place where the coolness of the wind can kiss my face. a place where i will not need to put so much powder on my body to be fresh always or worry about sweating too much.

actually, i am not sure if the group will do leave on the 29th as i have yet to ask from another colleague. but then, i chose to be a little bit sad just so i can motivate myself to focus on other things.

well, the thought has been frequenting less my always idle mind and looking now, it can only get better. armed with activities that are far from just time-wasters, a delay will not do much to me. finding a website with free ebooks, i could only read much. i just finished the way of the bow by paulo coelho and still to be read are wuthering heights (emily bronte), across unknown south america (a. henry savage-landor), the brothers karamazov (fyodor mikhailovich dostoevsky), great expectations (charles dickens) and beyond good and evil by nietzche. broke ever since, now i can splurge on books.

not to be left behind are my books on nursing. i hope i can finish a great handbook for critical nursing i bought last week and start answering 10 nclex questions per day. it is just plain sad that i have not yet found my rhythm towards continuing my spanish lessons. maybe another title for rafa at the rome masters? well, just a thought but i hope to get my groove back on track soon.

with a lot of torrents, i am starting to accumulate a lot of mp3s since my laptop had to be reformatted two weeks ago. the beatles, bob marley, lauryn hill, james morrison, john mayer, u2, red hot chilli peppers and the glee cast are all my friends now. they keep me company while i try to think of other worthy things.

my mind has wandered to a lot of places of which, i wished it never did. i always come home to myself desolate and longing for that another chance to work. yet, friends have always reminded me to let nature run its course and savor each moment. bombarded with such issues that has prevented me from trying to be at least happy in these moments that i will soon miss, it is always a challenge to accomplish it.

i do not want to regret later in my life of the things that i have failed to enjoy or of the things that i have taken for granted. life is a bitch and that you will get slapped by the very mundane as you perceived them realizing later that you stood up on what seemed to be worthy of the moment but was not.

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