Sunday, April 25, 2010

The Search for Connection

it seems to me that in the past few months, i have been extending help for other people. of course, my nursing duties are there but to become like a mini-factory of resumes is another.

in the past, i have helped benj with his resume. the resume that he used for ayala land was the one that i made. after one week, he was signing the contract. i have a cousin who recently went through a very nasty break-up and wanted change. included is the change of workplace and there i was, working on her resume. the thing is, having kids makes her a little bit cautious of going abroad and to this, she is still deciding whether to continue or not.

sister has been yearning for change as well. after breaking up with her long-time boyfriend and finally having the courage to leave home to work somewhere else, she had to start anew. and among these changes to be done is her resume. thus, me and her newly-improved resume. after clicking and clicking of job application buttons, she will leave tomorrow and start her training by tuesday.

i guess the resumes i created are effective don't you think? i hope so. being an agent of change is rewarding. i would love to become a part of something new and something wonderful. in this light, i was looking again for connections and interconnections. i thought it was human nature to always search for meaning and for that, me being delayed in my flight meant helping other people.

it would be better then if i stop whining about being left behind and being delayed right? cause you see, i am able to help other people. in reality my friends, it is not an easy feat to accept this truth but in the very least, i should be happy.

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