Monday, April 4, 2011


i have never wanted to fail an exam than this: my entrance exam for graduate school.

so today came as a surprise when i received the text message from the secretary where i applied for. i should be enrolling into the program this week to be able to get in to the summer term.

now, i am torn. shall i wait for u.p. which offers cheaper tuition? but then, i will have to wait until may to know if i was able to get in to the program. if unsuccessful, i will have to wait for next year! oh no!

enrolling to the this school will leave me in dire poverty. their tuition is unbelievable! what shall i do? if only i failed their exam, i would have no choice but to wait for u.p.

now where is my fairy godfather? i need cash and wisdom!

*photo taken here.

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