Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Two Years and Two Days

to find the perfect motivation to write is as frequent as the rain in egypt. probably the philippines don't you think?

since it rained last night, i guess i found one thing to write about.

before i went to egypt, sheng was already processing her papers so she can work in new zealand. nearing two years after, she is still here in the philippines. if there is a person who can teach me the lesson about patience, sheng would be perfect. every now and then, we would catch up with each other and every time we do, she is still waiting.

when you are waiting for that long, it is inevitable that you will be bothered by financial concerns and the feeling of being useless. it was just natural that sheng had to really find a job asap. she had a lot. of applying but not getting called back. of almost having it all but there was always something wrong in the end. she is always hard working and faithful to the fact that someday, she will find that job.

in the course of our conversation, she told me that she can try working in switzerland. she has relatives there and can help her find her place. but she has to learn french. at first, she was really hesitant since a there is that rift between her family and those other relatives residing in geneva to be exact. it is always there. that option of making it in europe but no, she might find her place somewhere else.

until she cannot look no more. thousand attempts, failures, disappointments and praying, she is running out of gas. just in time, i came in to cheer her up and to set her sight fresh with a lot of focus. after all, she was there when i had the roughest times. i said to her that maybe, just maybe, God is telling her to stop looking elsewhere and to just look around her and see that all along, an opportunity is waiting for her.

i just hope that i was helpful to her. i cannot bask in joy while my friends are miserable. so what is 20 to 40 days more of waiting compared to two years?

nothing i guess but really, i am hoping to make the 20 days to two days, please?


Anonymous said...

how about 48years of waiting...

Mac Callister said...

wow talk about patience there huh,i hope you anfd your friend will have what you're waiting for..and sana di siya ma depress

Charltoninho said...

@ nam: i would die of waiting then. but seriously, i hope not...

@mac callister: thank you. we never knew depression until we became nurses haha