Tuesday, July 8, 2008


So my staying up late last night finally paid off. World Number 2 Rafael Nadal finally won the Wimbledon title held by World Number 1 Roger Federer for five straight years!

Even if I was just refreshing the page every minute or so, I was just so nervous for Rafa. Yes I am for Rafa because I think he works the hardest and for him to win this one is really timely for him.

We all know how great Roger is but then; the world still needs to see Rafa winning against Roger for him to be appreciated by many. I think that is unfair for someone like Rafa.

I wish I could have watched the match. Many are saying it is the greatest match ever with it lasting for more than four hours in five sets!

To Roger, congratulations as well. You are still the World’s Number One Tennis player.

To Rafa, job well done.

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