Friday, July 18, 2008

Green to Green Part III

Extremes. One on the upper level and the other on the lower side. Well, this is just the perception of people who really don't know the people from the two schools.

Coño versus jologs. Sosyal versus pasosyal. Maarte versus barubal. Overrated versus underrated.

These would be the view of many people. It just depends from which spectrum you are looking at.

I say this is purely B.S. To say the least, it is untrue, unfair and hurtful. These words are coming from an Archer turned Tams.

This is how I feel- HURT!

Somehow, this perception has crept into the consciousness of many people.
That the other should be given proper respect while the other left violated.
That the other should never kiss the ground while the other should never look up to the sky.

Let me ask you now, what sets the difference? Or the standard that you should believe and assimilate aforementioned thoughts? Is it the money? The reputation? The image?

Take for example the UAAP referee who got suspended indefinitely for not officiating fairly the game between DLSU and FEU.

Consequently, FEU lost the game. Uninspired and unmotivated with all the crap the referee had given them, they just lost it.

This I say is the real picture of the typical Filipino nowadays. Abused and harmed by a system that only few benefit.

Let me ask you now. Is it because the other one is rich and the other not-so? Or was the referee paid (this is just my theory)?

Is this how trivial the Filipino mind has become? Is this how the character of the average Filipino has become?

Think deeply. Ask with a goal in mind. Break the bondage of stereotypes and lift the cause of those neglected and unrecognized forces that somehow constitute the world as well.

The world is not just green and blue.

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