Thursday, July 17, 2008

What's In a Name?

Would you ever want to wake up and go to school even if you know you'll be bullied? Or let's say just doing your own thing but you know, people will laugh at you?

You know that the reason is within you. It defines you. Basically, it's you. Yes, it's you-your name.

Take this for example. There is a great volleyball player in Russia who goes by the name of Semen Poltavsky.

Yes! Believe me. It is really his name! Mind you, he is such a great volleyball player that no words can describe how he hits the ball.

He serves and spikes the ball like there's no tomorrow. Watch this:

Nevertheless, my team for the Gold medal in the coming Beijing Olympics is still BRAZIL.

With his abilities, his name doesn't really matter if it is that horrible. I am just wondering what his parents were thinking when he was born.

Makes me thank my parents for my name.

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