Sunday, July 13, 2008

Monster Mom Strikes Again!

Under normal circumstances, I would just stay home. I have become lazy going to the malls so I prefer to just sit around in our house. This week, I went out of our house three times- 1.) I served as a body guard while my mom withdrew some money from the bank; 2.) I helped her pay some dues in a nearby town and; 3.) I went to Manila to deliver some supplies to my twin brothers. That's just it.

Today, my sister had asked me if I will go to the mall and I said I'll think about it. After some careful thought, I finally decided to go to the mall knowing that my mom is already at home from the gym. So I bid goodbye to my wonderful and caring mom and she said okay after I left her some instructions on how to use the computer and open yahoo messenger since dad would be online later that day.

Arriving at the mall, I went to the bookstore and after 30 minutes or so; I proceeded to meet my brothers. My sister came shortly after. While going to the baggage counter, our aunt from UK called and so we talked to her. Suddenly, my sister's phone rang and it was Monster Mom! I sensed danger as I was the one tasked to answer her call.

Monster Mom: "Asan na kayo? Hindi pa kayo uuwi? Sinabi ko na sayo na huwag ka nang umalis pero tumuloy ka pa rin!" (Where are you? Are you not going home yet? I have told you not to leave but you still left!")

Me: "Huwag kang magalit. Ano ba problema mo?" (Don't be so angry. What seems to be the problem?)

(You have to note here that I answered her in my most calm way that I can ever answer her. This is a rare event.)

Monster Mom: "Panong hindi magagalit e ayaw gumana ng computer! Hindi mo naman talaga pinakita saken kung pano iooperate!" (How can I not be angry if the computer just won't work! You never really showed how to operate it!)

Me: "What do you mean na hindi gumagana?" (What do you mean it does not work?)

I was trying to elicit for information when I noticed that she hang up. A few minutes later, she called again. This happened three times. She not only said thunderous words but hurtful remarks to all four of us.

At that moment, I decided to leave and go home early just to let my sister and twin brothers enjoy the day. Preparing to leave, Monster Mom called again with Jonah on her side. I calmly gave instructions to Jonah but the Monster just kept on bickering by the side.

This is futile I said. Jonah then told me that she got it already. They just turned off the computer.

Since our supposed-to-be enjoyable day was spoiled, we decided to leave as soon as possible just to avoid the fire balls that would come out of Monster Mom's mouth. While in the jeepney, all four of us are trying to psyche ourselves to somehow turn on an internal music player so we can just go home without being burned by her words.

This is our life. Nothing unusual. We just have to be prepared always for the next attack of Monster Mom.

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