Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Randomness Part II


People are now texting me if I was the Charltoninho who wrote a letter to Ms. Susan Ople of the Manila Bulletin about jobless nurses.

Well, it was me. Somehow, I was afraid. Afraid that I might not represent my fellow nurses rightly.

All was changed when my friends told me that it was good. Some told me that it deserved a front page.

A lot of people also sent their sentiments in support of my letter to Ms. Susan.

Wow. This is great, I think. I just hope that it will reach the people who should really respond to this situation.


I miss my college friends.

My A23 friends, BSN 722 friends and from the other sections.

I wish that all of us be successful.


I won again. Yes, I won again at a radio contest.

I got myself one thousand worth of gift certificate from Gloria Jean's. That's a lot!

It was from Jam 88.3. Now, I have won myself the Marty Casey CD, id band and poster, a magazine and now the gift certificate.

The last two prizes have yet to be claimed.

I am waiting for Sunday to see if I won the 1000 worth of Globe prepaid card.

Veteran is what I have become out of these contests that I have joined.

I just wish that I get to win Lifehouse concert tickets.


Two weeks to go and I will yet to witness what will happen to my application for work abroad.

Five months is damn long. I could have achieved a great amount of improvement on my knowledge and skills in nursing.

By the time I'll get the visa and leave for Egypt, I promise myself to never waste time in improving myself and learning all the things that I could.


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Anonymous said...

hey charlts! i hope u get the lifehouse tix! they're amazing! jason wade is hott! =p -chriselle