Friday, July 18, 2008

Raincoats are for Rainy Days

How often do you watch news and after seeing it, you feel great? Well not often right?

This is somehow the reason why I don't watch news. Much more, watch the soap operas that plague the Philippine TV. I thought it would be more beneficial for me to just lock myself in my own room and read books. Actually, this has been my act for the past few days.

The Philippines is the only Christian country in Asia. True. Is this an advantage? Somehow, it is not if you are going to look at some aspects. Aspects that would show how it curtails certain progress or change.

It is not God who actually restrains changes. It is with people who somehow chose to narrow their minds. The people who have closed their minds to certain possibilities that could result in good.

Christianity should be an advantage for us right? A lot of developed countries are Christian. Catholicism, Protestantism and other religions all play part in the success of a nation.

So what about Christianity and news? It is because of the growing rift between the Catholic Church and the Legislative arm of our government rooted in the passing of the Reproductive Health Bill.

The Catholic Church is in total protest of the passing of the bill because one of the elements of the Bill is Family Planning. With it, the Bill will advocate the use of artificial means of contraception (Examples are condom, pills, etc.) in which the Catholic Church totally dismisses.

According to them, they would still prefer faithfulness and abstinence as top methods. Natural means of contraception would come next.

Excuse me but being a nurse, I know for a fact that the natural means of contraception is not highly effective. It is prone to a lot of errors and inconsistencies for since the body is also inconsistent.

And excuse me again, faithfulness and abstinence? Are you serious? Even Catholic priest are not keen on following these as evidenced by priests having children and worse, family. Recent scandals in Ireland and the U.S. would also point to priests committing homosexual activities in which the Pope himself had asked for apology to the public.

Here, they are trying to preach something of which some of their members cannot even follow. Do they actually believe people can be faithful to their partners or even to their vows of celibacy at all times?

What about threatening these politicians and urging public not to vote them in the next elections? Or the refusal of giving communion to these politicians? Whatever happened to the separation of the state and the church!

Are those not examples of abuse of power? I ask myself, did Jesus abused His authority? Please enlighten me.

If you will read the bill, it is actually comprehensive. I believe it is good and very timely. The bill is not just about artificial means of contraception. It has a lot of good things to offer when implemented properly. It encompasses the whole concept of reproductive health like maternal and child health, adolescent and youth health as well as men's reproductive health. Not to miss is responsible parenthood which I think should be a concern since time immemorial.

You can read the bill here:

Rainy days are here again. Meaning cold days are here to stay. Meaning a lot of things can happen.

Raincoats are definitely in!

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