Saturday, July 5, 2008

My Wishes For You!

I have special wishes for those people who did the unthinkable to my sister and to Jonah. I'd like to say that you just got your tickets to hell. Those things that you stole will only be with you for some time but the tickets you just reserved, they will go for eternity.

Easy come, easy go. And I must say that I strongly believe in KARMA. It may not come on material things but hell no! May you have the worst constipation in the whole world and medical history that you will regret being borne into this world! You will feel your bowels also moving out as your eyes are full of tears for pain that you never felt before. Or that you may reap that karma by having Sjögren's syndrome. By these, you won't have tears or any fluid that existed before in the body because your exocrine glands won't just produce. Or, you may just die, I mean die by some gruesome way of being stuck underneath a 16-wheeler truck with half of your body already mutilated but you are still breathing or you may just fall from a 50-story building, face first.

You even had the guts to say to Jonah that you know her and text her. I pity your lives that you even had to do these just to live, to get by with life. How sad and pathetic! We are trying to live a peaceful life but you just appear out of nowhere wanting to fuck up our lives. Well anyway, I have these wishes for you:

a.) May the money that you got from my sister give you enough money that in the end, you will be also robbed and shot dead in the forehead for you refused to give in.

b.) May the iPod that you stole be good enough for you that you always listen to it every minute of the day even at nights when the weather is stormy and flashes of lightning are everywhere that you end up being hit by 200,000,000 volts of electricity.

c.) May the cellphone that you robbed be of good use to you that you always use it to text and call your friends or family that in the end, you get enough radiation to cause your cells to mutate and be cancer cells giving you a brain tumor.

d.) May that experience and trauma that you caused to my sister and Jonah be returned to you in another way that you end up living your life in utmost fear that when you hear someone knocking on the door will cause you to lock yourselves up in the closet and to cry yourself to death.

I have many wishes for you. But, I will just keep them to myself. Maybe I will just pray that my wishes will come true for you because you are special, special in HELL!

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