Friday, July 18, 2008

Green to Green Part II

Leaving DLSU was one of the most difficult things that I had to do in my entire life. Liberating but depressing. It was like my dreams are now shattered but stood in a new chance for rebirth.

My exodus was made difficult by DLSU and other factors. I had to go on several tests of my character as a person. Delayed grades. Failed subjects. Difficulty in finding the right school that I would like and the school that would accept me. Difficulty with family finances.

By May 2003 and after unsuccessfully finding schools that would accept me, I got to meet former high school classmates. They were studying at FEU then. With their recommendation of FEU, I tried.

I got in. I never experienced hassles. From then on, I never looked back.

Today, I am a registered nurse (but still jobless) and graduated in college with honors. I got new friends whom I know will stay true to me till the end of time. I got memories from here that I will forever cherish. I got to taste life as it is. No sugar-coating and embellishment. No hang-ups and no VIP treatment.

Raw. Realistic. First-hand. Grounded. This has been my life now. Actually, I could not ask for more.

Nevertheless, the "what-ifs" continue to pinch me once in a while.

Now here's the thing. I love these two schools. They compose me. They made me what I am now.

It's just that the image and the reputation of the schools tarnish how the world should be.

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