Thursday, July 17, 2008

Green to Green Part I

I was an Archer. Yes, was is the right term because technically, I was there for only a year.

DLSU was my dream school. After passing the entrance examinations of all schools I applied for, it was no question that I'll go to DLSU. UP, UST and Mapua did not have that inviting prowess that DLSU had at that time. This always gives me conflicting thoughts if it was really a wrong decision or not. I'll talk about this in another post.

It has been five years since I left DLSU. I am a Tamarraw now. Still green though adorned with gold. This has become my color.

Let me talk now about these schools since an incident spurred my interest on writing this piece.

By March of 2002, I was ecstatic that I am going to college. College boy they would call me since they thought I was the most prepared to go to college. I can choose the school I like without having problems. Yeah right.

Come May, I was the earliest one to experience college life. As many would know, DLSU has three terms in one school year.

It made me excited but nervous. Scared. Unsure. Will I fit in? Back in high school, I did okay. I had friends and I can say that I was not a misfit.

Here I went to DLSU and my world started to change.

For one part, the system was great. From the Faculty, facilities, the educational system itself, the ambiance and the feeling were somehow surreal but good for me. Learning was never this exciting I thought.

On the other side, I kinda disliked some people. Those who live up to the name as "coño" and were unafraid of showing to the whole world that they indeed were such.

My classmates were somehow spurious. I mean some of them were not genuine as classmates or friends.

But I found real ones. Deep inside of me, I say that they were more than enough to have than befriend or meet other people at that time.

With my course, I felt tricked. I was not ready that it would be that hard.

And so I had to leave.

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