Sunday, July 13, 2008

The Saga Continues!

The onslaught did not stop even as we got home. But before that, there was a moment of silence. Deafening. Awkward.

After collecting some confidence from her attacking prowess while we sat quiet and timid for our dinner, the fireballs started to blaze on us.

Yeah, we are spendthrift. This is according to Monster Mom since my sister would sometimes whine about lack of money and my youngest brother would perpetuate this as he would go on about with his baking classes.

Spendthrift? My sister did not buy anything today except for the goods that my mom asked her to buy. My brother? He just waited for my sister in the mall. Well, he bought some meat balls but that's it.

How about the very frugal mom? Well she just bought last Tuesday a new gym bag from Nike. Again, N-I-K-E!

Wanderers? As mentioned in the previous post, this is just my first voluntary trip outside home. How about my brothers? Their routine in Manila involves dorm-school-dorm. My sister on the other hand goes out everyday due to work.

The mother of all kindness? She goes to the mall to workout in the gym at least four times a week. This week, she only missed two days on her weekly regimen.

For some time, I have been saying to myself that the text message that I got few years back really hold some truth. I am sure that many have gotten the text message that we children first learned irony with our parents. Damn! I never knew that this could put so much affect me this day.

Whatever happened to leadership by example? Is this a class about irony? All my life, we have been very obedient to our parents. We never did drugs, never got married so early and until now, never smoke, never drunk booze (sometimes I do but that is just so seldom), never flunked in school, etc.

You may say that these actions are expected on us. But what about what is expected from her? Am I being selfish on this point or am I being too critical on her actions?

I really don't know. Help needed here as the saga continues.

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