Sunday, May 9, 2010


i did not bail out.

last minute, i confirmed that i will come. it was just my bruised ego and wounded heart that kept me from going. after all, they are my friends. to be a part of one's success from graduating with a degree in law and a birthday is such a joyous event that i cannot miss. they were with me during my ups and downs so to bail out was not a good idea. besides, what more can they bring into my despondent soul but joy?

that need to be great, to be of somebody, is such a powerful negative force that creates a wall. the wall eventually blocked my path towards redemption and victory. in the last minute, i decided to tear down that wall. because i wanted success and nothing but success.

my efforts to be off the radar and to shut all the gates towards me was just too powerful. but after few minutes of being with them, their infectious laughs and therapeutic stories had their effects on me. in an instant, i knew i was emancipated.

indeed, i am free.