Saturday, May 15, 2010

The Spirit

as i have observed, i was never into a really good time with friends drinking booze and going crazy. the very predictable and always reserved me feared of looking a fool and shaming myself into complete mess.

but, i was destined to change all things. little by little though. so last night, within the halls of benj's newly renovated home was the place for my drinking spree (a drinking spree for me is two red horse hahaha). i said to myself, i drink myself towards oblivion, unmindful just for this night, of the worries i have with my future.

after a few drinks, i was more sociable. the introvert was shed like a banana being peeled. i talked a lot. laughed all the more that i needed and sang a little. friends were great and new acquaintances gained. talks were more intimate i guess but as the spirit engulfed me, it was all good time. the dizziness was kinda subtle but the feeling was just cathartic for me.

you see, i was the textbook guy. my life has been by the book as benj told me. i do not complain but i am just wishing for better and exciting things.

may the spirit of alcohol live! (but not forever)

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