Saturday, May 1, 2010

4-5. Light

as much as i tried to keep up with what i used to do months before, i failed. so now, i am taking the time to rectify it. to this, i have asked myself the very salient thing that has caught my attention. or the point that i have to absorb and implement in my system.

the past nights were all but bright. i mean starry bright. rain poured over the last two days and i could not be more happy sleeping without sweating much. last night was one of the darkest nights i had. moody, upset and strangely, i was irritable. i should be happy since it rained and knowing that the batch did not leave. but i was not.

i now say, let there be light in my life.


Mac Callister said...

why the bad mood?baka my "mens" ka LOL!

Mac Callister said...

wait,san country punta mo?

Charltoninho said...

kung may mens man ako, baka ung buo-buo na ung lumabas sa sama ng ambiance sa bahay.

btw, sa u.k. ang punta ko.