Monday, May 31, 2010

Redirection from Conversations

just got home from yet another round of coffee with friends and some booze with friends of joan's hubby. it was just last sunday when i went to karen's despedida and here i am again, enjoying the last few days with her. initially, i did not want to go as i have told myself to keep myself at home until something good happens in my career.

but to hell with that. i need to be happy and keep my mind off from the things that bother me most. i need to regain my confidence that i can do it and i can make it. i need my friends' own success stories so i can be motivated again to try even if it will mean failures along the way.

and with a simple convincing from benj, i did go. again, i did not regret it. over the years, our conversations have grown into a mature one. the silly stuff is still there but wisdom springs from every experience that we had. each time i get to be with them, an examination to my own journey warrants me some kind of redirection.

so thank you friends. i can never do it without you.

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